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T&O Japanese Puzzles is THE program you can solve Japanese
Puzzles with on the computer.

Solving puzzles on the computer has a lot of advantages, like:
- practical clues (e.g. pointers at the numbers during the play)
- personal settings (e.g. of different colors)
- game-options (keeping track of points and time)
- options that make it easier or just a bit harder to solve the puzzles
   (e.g. accept the placing of wrong colors or not)
- userfriendly (e.g. quick coloring of lines and area's)

The program offers puzzles in different formats,
e.g. simple (small) Japanese Puzzles:

and bigger Japanese Puzzles, also with colored pictures:


in which you can choose the setup of the numbers.
The numbers can also be shown in boxes with the specified color:

See for more explanation about the Japanese Puzzles the page explanation.
See for the free download of the T&O Japanese Puzzles program the download page.

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